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that is only the journey in time, journey without firm, safe and defined coordinates. One after another the places change and disappear. By reading the Third and Fourth Principle of heterotopia, the work breaks down (elaborates) the term of localisation in multi-layered ways. The text discusses the structure of theatre, the rectangle of the stage a place of shifting different stage designs, cinema a rectangle room where from the background a three-dimensional space is projected creating a two-dimensional image. The process concludes with the idea of an endless space in which the events occur and erase, like points in movement. In real, however, each section and season runs for about three minutes, which is the equivalent of a Super 8 film roll (according.M.s description). independent call girls pule venner

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Escort girls i oslo dating sider norge Goli Otok (Naked Island as a natural phenomenon clean and untouched by people, records drastic deflections, through the history, from the natural and normal. The trains space is the Foucaults place a nowhere beside which the places erasing places pass. With that, the places of the forcefully displaced convert into a place of intentional meeting, a place chosen for the body of exhausting, redemptive ascent. Losing herself in the text is represented by the camera as a fuzzy image, losing of focus (the addition to general fuzziness is an irresistible wish to draw a parallel with Woody Allens Deconstructing Harry in which.
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independent call girls pule venner The history of human entanglement inscribed into Goli Otok is recorded by Sandro ukić in 2003 work, accumulating it into heterotopias of time, and through the archives in which the time permanently piles up and creates the idea. Through the work (as in Michel Foucaults text) the idea of the placement, the fixed, and the localisation blends into a place of unfinished and undefined extent. In time, the memorable space of the ones imprisoned by the social system becomes a place willingly pilgrimaged by the artists and tourists, aware of the idea of a temporary arrival and safe departure from this deviant heterotopia created vondt i underlivet etter føl fingret på skolen by the human thought. Within the continuous research of meaning inscribed into the island and confronting relations of history and nature. Antun Maraić: Novska Banova Jaruga; through the four seasons by train, 8mm film (digitalised 8mm film) 12min 34s, Traveling by train from Novska station to Banova Jaruga station takes about twenty minutes, and Antun Maraić filmed it through the trains.
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Parallel to reading Foucault's text about other spaces, the camera follows the moments of dispersion of attention to the text, disappearing of control over voice and the moments when the author/protagonist occasionally falls into sleep and wakes. The exhibition is prompted by the work of Vlasta Žanić, which visually interprets theoretical text Of Other Spaces by Michel Foucault. This condition is visually followed by dissolving of image, first into a series of lightly cloudy, and then flickering undefined places finishing with a vertical movement of camera, through the treetops into the sky, creating images of transcendental journey, dreaming and moving into another space. We would think that "today at Middle Ages end" we could freely talk about history as a "creative science just because of the modern man's consciousness that the discipline is subject to interpretations and constant re-readings, games of time and space in different transpositions. Vlasta Žanić: In the Garden, video, 4min 40s, colour, sound, camera Jasenko Rasol, Vizura aperta Festival Free time and leisure, Momjan, 2014. The idea of forced relocation of people is read as the product of heterotopia of both crises and deflection, manifesting primarily as a picture of the one who first thought of such a deviant idea. Without dismissing the fact of time, which supports the escape the burden of histories, textual and visual accumulation in time that cultural and social politics call history. Author team Sandro ukić Marko Marković Branko Cerovac: Goli Otok Syndrome, video, photographs (2003 objects, video performance documentation, 2016. In video work In the Garden by Vlasta Žanić, the idea of leisure time is connecting to the theme of concentration and dispersion of attention. Thus the short journey, which runs continuously, starts in spring, and ends in winter, that is it takes a year.

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